Does Science Have All the Answers?

It is often thought that with the great progress science had made, Christianity and faith in God have been made obsolete–or even impossible. But does science have all the answers? Famously, scientists can say that their discipline answers the ‘how’, but not necessarily the ‘why’. But does it really answer the ‘how’ well enough to be confident that Christianity can be ignored?

Confidence in science to explain how things are means that observed, established and proven processes are adequate to account for the ‘answers’ we need and want. But are they really up to the job?

Try these ten ‘how’ questions and test yourself to see how well science does.

Science does not have all the answers. You need to consider Jesus Christ too.

Hopefully, having looked at the previous questions, you will see that science cannot answer any of them, given its current state of knowledge. But what it should do is challenge, on the basis of its own discipline, those who make unsupported claims about science’s ability to remove God or belief from the equation.

Faith and science do not conflict when both are properly used and applied.

And when they are, scientist and believer are often found in one and the same person.